Planning for your Hot Tub or Spa

How to plan for a Hot Tub or Spa

We will go through a few things that we have found to be very important when planning for your garden Hot Tub or Spa.

Planning where you are looking to put your hot tub/spa

Planning where to locate your garden hot tub or spa is very important as you need to make sure you have enough room to not only put your hot tub but also room for the the cover to be removed and also the step so it is easy and safe to get in and out of your hot tub, we recomend getting the size of the hot tub you would like and then see if that will fit where you are looking to put is, Please Click Here to look at our rang to see the sizes, but also remember to leave 75cm to all 4 sides to alow access and also room for the cover lifter we do recomend you order a cover lifter at the same time it is not essential but does make it easy for one perosn to remove the cover.

When planning the location of your hot tub, you should consider the view from the hot tub and also what access is like from your house as you want it as easy to get to, also dont place your hot tub too low or where water drainage could gather as if the area floods it could damage to the pump and equipment.

If you chose to install in decking, you need to make sure the entire base is sitting directly on the base you have prepared and dont have the top lip of the hot tub shell taking any of the weight.

Also concider the privacy of where you are looking to place your hot tub, so when planning it look at the direction you will be facing when in the spa try and sit about the hight you will be when in your hot tub and look round at neighboring windows, doors look for trees and fences you want it to be as privet as possible so you can relax and enjoy your soak for you and your family.

Canadian Spa Company have created a full Pre-Delivery Guide so please send us a message and we will email you it through to help you plan the perfect place and make the delivery and instalation run smoothley.

Foundation/Base preparation

Now you have planned and decided where you are putting your hot tub you need to make sure the foundation for it are good enough, A hot tub or spa need a good solid base and it must be flat aand level, this allows an even distrution of the weight of your spa if it is uneven it could cause some damage to the structural shell, Canadian Spa Company Hot tubs are built as a solid unit and it is not possible to self-level it when it has been put in its final position, so it is very important you get this bit sorted before the delivery of your hot tub.

What is needed as the base? this can be a number of different things the most popular is a concrete base about 10"-12" thick but if you have an existing Patio or slabbed area that has good solid foundation's then this should be ok.

What isn't any good as a base? Grass or a soil area as this will change too much with weather conditions and water content.

But don't forget to not only make the base big enough for your hot tub but also to alow the gap all the way round and also your step.





The Canadian Spa Company will look after everything on the delivery day, from delivery to placing it on the base that you have got ready



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